The cold war a history full of intrigue

The Western Front quickly stabilized, with almost no movement of more than a few hundred yards. The greatest single expenditure on both sides was for artillery shells, the chief weapon in the war. Since the front was highly stable, both sides built elaborate railway networks that brought supplies within a mile or two of the front lines, with horse-drawn wagons used for the final deliveries.

The cold war a history full of intrigue

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But he never returned. The case is making clear that the blurred battle lines of the information war between Russia and the West have now spread to the Arctic Circle—and even to a friendly place where the emphasis has long been on Norwegians and Russians working together.

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Moreover, there are new signs that the Cold War-style conflict is escalating: Recently, Britain announced that it was sending marine commandos to Norway its equivalent of the U.

Marines and setting up a small Arctic base there as part of a wider strategy aimed at curbing Russian military maneuvers in the far north. Berg was arrested in December It serves as a daily reminder of the cross-border tensions. But travel around the town and signs of cooperation are everywhere—literally, with place names in both Norwegian and Russian.

Many local residents speak Russian as well as Norwegian. Every day, buses bring Russian shoppers across the border to stock up on Western goods, thanks to a visa-free travel deal for local residents. Norwegians go the other way to fill up on cheap gasoline. And it has been a useful boost to the economy in Kirkenes and the surrounding Finnmark county region.

Berg—a retired border guard—had long been active in building these ties, volunteering in rural Russia and organizing a series of cross-border festivals. So his arrest left many in Kirkenes wondering how a pensioner who had devoted his retirement to building closer ties with Russia could have become entangled in a cross-border espionage plot.

This spring, Berg himself added a new layer of intrigue when he admitted, through his lawyer, that he had actually been working with Norwegian military intelligence.

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When his comments reached northern Norway, it sparked a backlash toward the government down south in Oslo and the intelligence agency—particularly among his fellow Kirkenes residents. The mood was further inflamed when it emerged that other people in Finnmark county had been approached and asked to serve as couriers to and from Russia.

Norwegian and Russian fishing boats unload their catch at the harbor in Kirkenes on Aug. But Rafaelsen has been trying to navigate a middle course, calling for his release and chastising the intelligence services for their efforts to sign up local people.

Why, Nilsen asked, would a spy operation rely on mailing envelopes of cash through the notoriously unreliable Russian postal system?

And if the Russians really had unraveled an operation dating back three years, why had there been no news of any other arrests or anyone being punished? What is certain, Norwegian security experts say, is that the Berg arrest gives the Russian intelligence services the upper hand.

Geir Hagen Karlsen, the director of strategic communication and psychological operations at the Norwegian Defense University College. It looks like we were caught while trying something outside our core competence. Nilsen was banned from entering Russia the following year. Despite the visa-free travel deal, he was barred from entering Russia last year—he believes for running articles critical of Russian foreign policy, which were also published in Russian.

But there is growing support for a softer line toward Russia, especially in the northern border regions. And even before the Berg case erupted, there were signs that Russia was trying to stoke such sentiment.

As Moscow sees it, the government in Oslo is taking an increasingly confrontational stance—belying its support for closer ties in the north. Marines to be stationed on its soil.

The Norwegian Defense Ministry announced this summer that the deployment would be more than doubled, to U. His continued support for dialogue with Russia, and rolling back EU sanctions, is just what Sputnik wants to hear.Facts, information and articles about Ronald Reagan, the 40th U.S.

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The Cold War is a fascinating period of history, shrouded with mystery and intrigue. This series of books aims to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding the equipment used in the military operations of the Warsaw Pact during this time of unease between the East and West.

The cold war a history full of intrigue

The most decorated general officer in Russian history, he pushed the German army from Stalingrad all the way back to Berlin, where, after a two week battle, Nazi Germany was kaput.

The Manchurian Candidate () is director-producer John Frankenheimer's prophetically tragic, chilling, brilliant, blackish (film-noirish) Cold War thriller about brain-washing, conspiracy, the dangers of international Communism, McCarthyism, assassination, and political intrigue.

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How The Cold War Endgame Played Out In The Rubble Of The Berlin Wall. William O’Connor. November 9, India really does intrigue against Pakistan in the same way Pakistan plots against India. Word Origin and History for intrigue. v.


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