Respecting the ethnic diversity

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Respecting the ethnic diversity

Equality and Diversity Policy 1.

Define diversity, definition, acceptance of races and cultures, visible differences

Introduction Queen's University Belfast is committed to the promotion of equality of opportunity and to creating and sustaining an environment that values and celebrates the diversity of its staff and student body, in pursuance of the principle of equality of opportunity which was enshrined in the University's charter of It is opposed to all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination.

Commitment to Policy 3.

Respecting the ethnic diversity

Status of the Policy 4. Breach of the policy could result in the termination of the contract. The Director of Human Resources, in conjunction with the Head of Diversity and Inclusion, is responsible for ensuring staff-related issues are effectively addressed.

Monitoring and Review 6. A copy of the procedures are available at www. All complaints of discrimination, harassment or victimisation will be dealt with promptly and confidentially. We use cookies to help give you the best experience on our website.

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IBM expanded minority markets dramatically by promoting diversity in its own workforce.

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The result: a virtuous circle of growth and progress. It is against the law to discriminate anyone on the basis of age, being or becoming transsexual, being married or in a civil partnership, being pregnant or on maternity leave, disabilities, race including color, nationality, ethnic or national origin,.


3 • The development of a diversity mindset/climate for inclusion are important for the positive effects of diversity, such as organisational commitment, intentions to stay or leave, satisfaction, engagement, trust in management, and firm effectiveness, to appear. Free diversity statement papers, essays, and research papers.

What Do We Mean By “Managing Diversity”? Originally Published in Sumati Reddy, editor.

Respecting the ethnic diversity

Workforce Diversity, Vol. 3: Concepts and Cases. Hyderabad, India: ICAFAI University.

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