Microsoft excel disadvantage

This blog is dedicated to introducing Microsoft Excel explaining is advantages and disadvantages. Excel can be sent through email and viewed by most smartphones which makes more convenient. Part of Microsoft Office Excel is a part of the Microsoft office which comes with most PC so there is no need to purchase or install it.

Microsoft excel disadvantage

There are so many advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Excel. The main advantage is the fact that you can compute data easily and the downside is that if you input the wrong formula, it messes up the entire sheet.

What is Microsoft Excel? Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used for storing, organizing and manipulating numbers and data.

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It is a program that can compile lots of data into graphs and tables. Microsoft excel is used to study data, make grids, and to compare things.

The process of creating groups within groups and then performing calculations on those is way more cumbersome in Excel. Excel on the other hand will be better for analyzing up to a few hundred records of data.

The number of records, however, cannot exceed records Excel or 1, Excel This is the maximum number of records Excel can handle. It also depends on the way you want to analyse the data. Databases are good for finding relationships in data.

Spreadsheets are good for crunching numbers and doing "what if" analysis e. This can make analysis of data difficult if the data is stored in a spreadsheet.

It is easy to extract data from a database into a spreadsheet to take advantage of a spreadsheets unique data manipulation features e.

The real questions should be "Where do I store the data I want to analyse? You can make it safe there. Then choose the appropriate tool for the analysis you want to do. What are the advantages to using Microsoft Excel as a database? Yes, it is possible to make Excel as a database and be able to be a database application just like Access.

But of course, there are advantages in using Microsoft Excel as database. What are the advantages? You are good to go and can start with your programming straight away.

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Second, if you are a beginner, you can easily learn the Excel VBA Programming because you are half familiar with the programming platform that you are going to use, which is Excel.

Third, you can start with small Excel database application and as the need grows especially on records that are getting huge, you can still use the same Excel application and upgrade your database platform from Excel to other high-end databases like Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc.

Excel is rich in financial functions like Fixed Assets Depreciation, Amortization, etc. Sixth, Excel is portable.

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You can send it to someone through email. Excel database application also has its disadvantages. But these disadvantages are sometimes have some workaround that can be done to fix or sometimes there are little effect that you can just live with them.

Here are the disadvantages: When you develop your application into one file it can be huge and will make your program execution very slow. But as I told you, there are workarounds.

Design your program to have compact codes to lessen the bloating of the file. Another way is to separate each application function into more than one files. For example, if you are going to design a purchasing program, you can separate each of them; the purchase requisition function, item-and-price comparison matrix function, vendor master list maintenance, item master list maintenance, purchase order function, etc.

Each will have small file, therefore execution is faster. When you separate functions to multiple files, Excel files are prone to get lost in your hard drive especially when you break your application to too many files.

Excel worksheet as a database has a limited number of rows or records that you can store. But when you reach the 65k lines limit, you can convert it easily to Access and the rest of the application is can still be used. If you can send Excel via email, you can accidentally send your file to someone who should not have it or not authorized to have it.

You can password protect your Excel file.THE IMPORTANCE OF MICROSOFT EXCEL IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Project managers often struggle to define what system to work with. Most off-the-shelf project management software has some kind of disadvantage, which makes it not exactly a perfect fit for the company it shall be used in.

Be it, because many of the people involved do not have a license of the software on their computer, the . Mar 12,  · Hello, I would like to be able to click on a cell and have a check mark displayed in a cell. I know I can insert a symbol (by using for example Alt+ or Alt+P if .

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) app from product is part of the Microsoft Dynamics family, and intended to assist with finance, manufacturing, customer relationship management, supply chains, analytics and electronic commerce for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise and local subsidiaries of large international Groups.

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Microsoft excel disadvantage

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