Kelloggis special k cereal essay

The Special K cereal targets working class women with health and weight conscious bodies aspiring to lose weight and wanting a quick healthy meal. Through their first original rice flake cereal they innovated many different flavours to appeal to a wider sector of the market and to satisfy their consumers to their best ability.

Kelloggis special k cereal essay

It has applied appropriate marketing and promotional strategies to achieve its leadership position. Kellogg is a company based in America and produces a range of brands.

Range of products form tasty cereals to healthy breakfasts helped the company in achieving its leadership position Marketing Week Company uses many marketing and promotional techniques to gain its competitive advantage. Promotional strategies used by Kellogg Company is identified and analyzed below.

Special K® Cereals

Promotional activities are required by Kellogg because without promotion it would not be able to make its consumers aware about its products. It is essential for a company that the target consumers of the company have knowledge about the products of the company.

Kellogg is involved in many promotional activities. Promotional activities applied by Kellogg encourages its target audience to purchase its products as in these promotional activities Kellogg tells its consumers about Kelloggis special k cereal essay benefits that they will get while having products of Kellogg.

Kellogg uses many promotional activities like advertising, event management, above the line promotion and below the line promotion. Activities implemented by Kellogg are described below in this report.

Kellogg is able to manage effective promotional activities which are not focused only at its consumers but also at its suppliers and distributors. Promotional activities applied by Kellogg involve mainly three important factors: Consumers are the main focus of promotions of Kellogg. It has a range of products and with effective promotional techniques Kellogg wants to make its consumers aware about its products.

Kellogg uses advertising techniques to send its messages to the consumers. Messages which are required to reach at the consumers are the features of the products as well as the benefits that the consumers will get by consuming the products of Kellogg.

Promotional activities cannot be completed without a proper trade practices.

Marketing Valuation Of Special Kellog's Cereal Marketing Essay - Words

When promotions are done people become aware about the products and then advertising encourages them to purchase the products. When consumers go to the retail outlets or shops the products should be available there and this can be done with proper trade. Kellogg is able to manage its trade practices efficiently which helps it in its promotion Kellogg School of management With the help of all the above mentioned factors Kellogg applies effective promotional strategies.

Different promotional activities at Kellogg aim different target audiences.

Kelloggis special k cereal essay

According to the activities given in the case study Kellogg targeted family members in the event of Star War TM Movies. This event was conducted by Kellogg on a large scale and attracted the attention of families towards the brands of Kellogg.

This event was a large scale event and Kellogg needed better trade practices to fulfill the requirements of the consumers.

Inventing a Selling program utilizing the SOSTAC Model:

As we discussed above that trade and advertising both are necessary for an effective promotional activity, Kellogg used advertising as well in this event. It gave a 30 second Television commercial so that it can support is promotional event.

This event was the biggest event of Kellogg for families which was conducted with the help of Television commercial as well as online support. Kellogg used contests, special offers, prizes etc to attract it consumers in this event.

These kind of promotional techniques help companies in making its good image into the mind of consumers e. Kellogg produced more than 30 million promotional packs and these packs included free gifts like mini Lightsabers TM as well as consumers can also get the Lightsabers signed by actor Christopher Lee.

Kelloggis special k cereal essay

In this activity Kellogg not only provided its products, special offers and prizes to the consumers but also it used a celebrity which helped it in its promotion. This event also included some special offers and prizes.

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Apart from above mentioned promotional activities Kellogg is also involved in above and below the line promotions.Critically Evaluate How the Original Special K Brand Could Have Affected Special K Cereal and Special K Bar Extensions. Words | 4 Pages. Kellogg’s is the world’s leading producer of cereal products and convenience foods with annual sales of more than £ million.

The cheap cereal has double the amount of fibre compared to the Special K. Kellogg’s cereal has less protein than the Sainsbury’s one. The reason for this is probably because the cheaper cereal has a much more nuts in it.

Kellogg’s Product lifecycle Link to case study Overview: a case study focusing on the development of Kellogg’s Special K brand Learning objectives: to understand the product life cycle to understand the value of market research to examine extension strategies.

IntroductionAs we know breakfast is one of our day-to-day repasts. it is the first repast of the twenty-four hours. However come to this modern epoch we eat out the life style to makeup our breakfast itself more gratifying and healthily.

The company's great brands include Kellogg's®, All-Bran®, Special K® and much more (Kellogg Company ).

In the protected brand of Special K®, we can find cereals, bars, waffles, crackers and protein water aim to feed people with healthy food that would inspire them to lose weight by taking the “weight reduction challenge”.

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