In depth analysis

More than 13 million leaked documents, emails and database records have been analyzed using text analysis, full-text- and faceted-search and most interestingly to us, graph visualization and graph-based search. As the ICIJ says on their website: In addition, graphs allow to understand these networks in a very intuitive way and easily discover connections.

In depth analysis

The Impact of Merging Government Scholarship Programs on i-taukei Fijians The scholarship gap before the merger were somewhat marginal. Background Ensuring education for all remains the priority of the present self-appointed government. This could be hampered by the recent draft Constitution of Fiji with an absence of Affirmative Action to ensure that education is received equally amongst all ethnic groups.

The draft Constitution stipulates and encourages equality regardless of race, gender or religion. The impact of this is evident in the allocation of scholarships amongst the three major local government scholarship agencies namely the PSC, MEA and the I-Taukei Affairs scholarships.

The context of this study discusses this impact. The purpose of the merger was to harmonize local scholarships under a single umbrella for cost cutting measures and eliminates duplication role and functions existing within the two agencies.

In depth analysis

More details outlined in Table 1. The priority areas of training identified by the Ministry of Strategic Planning also contributes to the increase in the amount of funds allocated for scholarships annually to address the skills need of the country.

Government Scholarships Allocation Table 2 provides the trend of awards allocated yearly from From toon average there were about five hundred and eighty six scholarships provided by PSC, one thousand and sixty one 1, by MEA and a total of two thousand one hundred and two 2, by the i-Taukei Affairs.

In depth analysis

The increasing trend of students vying for i-Taukei scholarship is attributed to the entry policy of gaining marks and above and this also addresses disadvantaged i-Taukei students who have marks as low as who could not qualify for other scholarships. The Bonding Policy There exist three 3 different bond policies for government scholarships.

On the contrary, the i-Taukei affairs scholarship bond policy requires students to serve in the country after completion of studies without any repayment undertaken by the awardees similar to that of the MEA. The current merit based system implemented in replaces the allocation of scholarships on ethnic basis distributed equally including the minorities Rotumans, Rabi and Kioa.

On a brief note, the graphical analysis provided below creates a large educational gap between the Indo Fijians and other ethnic groups. This gap is anticipated to widen if not addressed adequately. Enrolments at FSN show an interesting trend when taking into consideration data by ethnic groups.

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Based on the ethnic allocation of scholarships, the i-taukei dominated the PSC sponsored students at FSN from — as shown in Figure 1. A point to note is that the scholarship gap before the merger were somewhat marginal, however it was compounded giving the upper edge for Indo-Fijian when the merit-based system was introduced in However, with the introduction of the merit based system inthe Indo-Fijians for the first time in 10 years dominated the PSC sponsored intake in FSN and the gap further widened in In the number of Indo Fijians intake increases by Similarly, in the number of Indo Fijians intake is There was a decline of 66 percent for i-taukei intakes and an increase of percent for indo-Fijians and a constant growth for others.

From towhile the scholarships amongst other ethnic groups were somewhat marginal, the gaps between the Indo-Fijians were largely compounded.

Of the total number of students applying for USP scholarships inapproximately The gap further widens from to When compared to previous years from tothe number of intakes hovers around the ratio of University of Fiji Intake It is imperative to note that the newly established University of Fiji UoF has been initially offered scholarship from The total number of intakes in shows an increase of Similar trends persist with a wide gap from Teachers College Intake With direct comparison; the teachers college for both LTC Figure 5 and FCAE Figure 6 shows a continuous balance of intakes amongst ethnic groups from to compared to intakes for other tertiary institutions.

The more intakes for i—taukei are attributed to the merit based system for which they qualify, whereas Indo-Fijians qualify for other high tertiary institutions.

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Thus, competition for other higher tertiary institutions leaves i-taukei and other ethnic groups streaming to the teachers college. From this trend has been dominated by the Indo-Fijians. Figure 6 presents the trend of intakes rather similar to the LTC intakes amongst ethnic groups which hover around on a balance intake but dominated by the i-taukei.In DNA Interactive: Applications, investigate techniques of forensic analysis, how DNA science is applied to healthcare, & into mysteries of our human origins.

An in-depth analysis is when you do this same thing, but in more depth. It might mean considering other methods of analysis and comparing them, or it might mean using one method to its fullest extent, or documenting the process completely, or something else depending on your purpose.

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