Donation behavior

History of marketing thought In the s and 50s, marketing was dominated by the so-called classical schools of thought which were highly descriptive and relied heavily on case study approaches with only occasional use of interview methods. At the end of the s, two important reports criticised marketing for its lack of methodological rigor, especially the failure to adopt mathematically-oriented behavioural science research methods.

Donation behavior

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Introduction and problem statement3 2. Conclusion Donation behavior Discussion11 5. Introduction and problem statement Nonprofit organizations are providing many critical services e. But in the last couple of decades Non-profit organizations are facing a lot of difficulties.

Government has decided to reduce costs and therefore a significant reduction in governmental funding of donation programs has been made. Non-profit sector in England will receive?

Government regulations are not the only difficulty non-profit organizations have to deal with. Due to the economic crisis, the donations of non-profit organizations are decreasing. Non-profit organizations that think they are able to cover their operating expenses is only 16 percent in both and People are saving rather than spending their money.

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The first cost they cut is giving money to charity. This is why the economy is slowly recovering. But at the same time the number of volunteers is increasing.

Number of non-profit organizations has shown an explicit growth. In there were only Today there are over 1, non-profit organizations registered. Which lead to much more competition in the non-profit organizations sector. Therefore non-profit organizations are receiving less money.

If we sum up all the above we come to following research question: What are the factors that have an effect on the intention to donate? If someone has just been Donation behavior of cancer, this person knows how it is feels how it is to go through such an experience and would be more likely to donate to an organization that does research on a cure for this disease, like the American Cancer Society ACS.

Donation behavior

The impact of this experience leads to a loyal donor. Therefore we expect that the more an individual is linked to the cause of an organization, the more likely this person is willing to donate: A personal link to the cause has a positive direct effect on the intention to donate.

For instance Greenpeace has a very aggressive way of disapproving of certain companies or even certain government policies. They are often accused of being involved in illegal acts. This puts this organization in a difficult spot.

People who are thinking of becoming a donor will take this into account. That is why it is important for a non-profit to have a good reputation.

This can be achieved, for example, by providing a good service quality, keeping the donor informed what the organization is doing to reach their goal, but also how their money is being spent. For instance, if a manager of a large non-profit organization has an absurd high salary, people will lose their trust in the organization because they are not comfortable with the way their money is being spent.

Therefore we assume it is necessary for an organization to be clear about their mission in order to create donor loyalty: A good brand personality of a non-profit organization has a positive direct effect on the intention to donate. As mentioned in the introduction, a higher level of income is defined as an income that is above standard, which is They are already having problems coming around with their income and are not certain about their future, which will not lead to donating.

Therefore we can posit: People with higher income are more likely to donate than people with lower income. The hypothesis relationships are explained in figure 1. This was done with the use of non-probability samples, where not all elements have the same chance of being included in a sample.

In our case we chose for the convenience sampling, since our population is quite vague and hard to define. This way we could be unrestricted, and it is easy to perform.


The disadvantages that must be dealt with when it comes to holding a survey are that questions often remain multi-interpretable, the lack depth because of limited preparedness, and the respondents are more likely to give a socially acceptable answer.

Some ways to solve these problems are that every consumer must receive an e-mail invitation to participate in a survey.For studies of donation behavior, we additionally examine the impact of the length of data collection (i.e., the number of months between the assessment of each antecedent and subsequent donation behavior), as intention–behavior relationships are thought to diminish over longer periods (Sutton, ).

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