Btec first buisness unit1 m1

Know how trends and the current business environment may impact on a business 2.

Btec first buisness unit1 m1

Job Specification What the job involves This allows the candidate to fully understand what the job role involves before apply for the job.

Level 3 BTEC Business unit 1 P1, P2, M1,D1 [1st Year] - Unit 1 - The Business Environment - Stuvia

Titles are normally the same title, privileges and area of business throughout all organisations; this can give the candidate an idea of where the role is based within the organisation.

Department This is an important bit of information that is on the job description, this shows the candidate what type of area the role is based within in the business. Candidates normally have a preferred area of business which they want to enter within, candidates usually apply for specific departments when searching for vacancies, it allows candidates not to waste time for applying for roles in which departments they wish not to enter.

Responsible to This explains to the candidates whom they will be responsible for, who will be their first point of contact if a problem occurs. It allows the candidate to understand where in the hierarchy they will be based within the organisation.

Education and qualifications Employers use this heading to explain to the candidates which qualifications they would prefer the candidate to have. The qualifications normally relate to the nature of the role which can impact the motivation of the candidate if they had received the role.

Name of complier and approver This states who created the application for the candidate and who will be checking the application after it has been submitted to the organisation.

Person Specification Job Title and Reference Number and Management Responsibilities This information in the person specification is an important need to know information for the candidate to understand what they are applying for.

When talking to the organisation, they normally ask for the reference number to find the vacancy information for interviews etc.

Attainments and Qualifications This is the information which allows the candidate to understand if they are suitable for the role with the requirements that are set by the organisation. This is normally required for a known knowledgeable job which requires the candidate to fully understand the area of work.

Organisations normally set a minimum level of qualifications. General Intelligence This is placed within the person specification to notify what skills and knowledge the organisation would rather the candidate have, such as communication and people skills.

The skills noted in the person specification usually relate to the nature of the job role. Location of Role This tells the candidate where the role is located within the organisations hierarchy.

This is important for the candidate as they would want to understand if they are higher than another department, and if they are responsible for any other staff members. Hobbies and Interests Organisations normally state what type of person they would prefer to fill their job role, this normally allows candidates to understand if they are suitable or not before progressing through the recruitment process.

Previous Experience Organisations ask this to ensure the candidate has previous experience in a possible related role.

Some organisations normally require previous experience so full training is not required, however most organisations offer training to ensure that the candidate is fully aware of the companies procedures etc. Letter of Application The letter of application is paragraphs putting together the job description and the person specification to make out the best of the candidate in a simple sentence which really sells the candidate.

The letter of application needs to ensure that it includes all the relevant information, skills and knowledge required for the specific job role. It should also include positive skills which can then sell the candidate and then the organisation can try match their vacancy requirements to the letter of application.

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BTEC First Business Unit 2 - Finance for Business.

Btec first buisness unit1 m1

. BTEC - level 3 Retail Professional Development   BTEC Level 2 -  Business  course specification. Unit 1 -  Enterprise in the business world  assignment - part 1 Visit to organisation to carry out research for first assignment Assignment 1: Two Businesses on our Doorstep – report on two contrasting businesses (one business selected by a group, the other an individual choice).

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Assignment 1 - P1, P2, M1, D1 - Business Studies